Refurbished Hardware

Alfanet is specializing in the sale, rental and purchase of high quality used & refurbished I.T equipment. Our aim is to supply high quality refurbished & used I.T equipment and provide our clients with all the functionality of a new machine at a greatly reduced cost.

We sell refurbished PC systems, laptops and I.T equipment to both public and private sector and we are a long established and trusted supplier to the majority of companies, banks, schools & universities and the government across the country.

All the equipment is professionally refurbished in our warehouse facilities and then installed with their original licensed Microsoft Windows, as part of our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher status.

Our large range of refurbished second hand computer systems and refurbished laptops start from the budget price Pentium IV's to powerful high end Pentium Dual Core units. Although used and second hand, during the refurbishing process each used computer system is thoroughly tested with diagnostics software, cleaned to a very high standard and the repainted using the original OEM colors.


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