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Refurbished Equipment & Rebuilding stages

When a business is choosing to purchase Refurbished IT & Telecom equipment, the benefits are multiple, both to their budget and to the environment, as they achieve an optimal flow of materials and resources.

By purchasing refurbished equipment, you benefit in three ways:

  1. You get a quality product while saving money
  2. You contribute to reducing e-waste by reducing the production of new products
  3. Promote recycling, as reuse helps reduce environmental pollutants

Alfanet S.A., in order to provide you with perfectly functional Refurbished IT & Telecom equipment, follows the following refurbishment process, in accordance with MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher), ADISA and ISO 9001 certifications.


Receipt of Equipment / Initial Functionality Test / Composition

As one of the key processes, this stage ensures the efficient flow of the final reconstruction and includes:

(a) the identification of the equipment against the purchase order

(b) checking for good working order

(c) the composition of the equipment

The entire process is recorded in the company's Warehouse and Distribution Management Information System, which maintains detailed records of all the above operations.

In addition, the operation check stage includes diagnostic evaluation of the equipment including the internal and external parts of the equipment, from the main operating parts (motherboard, graphics cards, capacitors, etc.) to the secondary parts (screws, plastic parts and all features related to the aesthetic appearance), and the check continues with BIOS update.

If the equipment meets all the inspection criteria, it is fully recorded in a special software program with detailed configuration data and by Serial Number.


Replacement of Spare Parts / Composition & Upgrade / Certified Data Erasure

During the second stage we replace any defective parts, such as Motherboard, Power Supplies, Capacitors, CMOS battery, CPU cooling fan, RAM, HDD, VGA, Optical drive, Internal Cables etc.

In addition, upon customer's request we can upgrade the equipment according to their needs and specifications, while we also proceed to secure and certified data erasure of hard drives through Blancco.


Installation of Original Windows Operating System

At this stage, the installation of the legitimate Microsoft operating system, which provides:

  • Recovery partition
  • Updates
  • Microsoft Security Essentials

Also, at the customer's request we can ghost their equipment with their own software programs.


Initial Quality Control & Labelling

Through a special software program, a label is printed for each machine individually, which indicates the complete composition of the equipment with detailed Serial Number (disk and hardware). This process is a necessary part of the ADISA and ISO standards, through which we ensure high quality remanufacturing.



To ensure its excellent aesthetic condition, the equipment is painted with the original colors of the manufacturer in question, inside the specially designed booths using the most modern methods of painting, paints and pigments.

*This stage is not included in the GA grading.


Final Quality Control

This stage is the most important stage of the above process, as it guarantees the excellent functionality and reliability of the equipment for resale.

The final quality control includes:

At the end, a detailed report is printed, which is posted on the final product packaging.



The equipment is cleaned and packed, either bulk packing or in individual cartons (retail packing) made of recycled cardboard, using Stratocell foam for additional security. Finally, labels are affixed to the outside of the packaging with all the equipment's features.


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