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Alfanet official distributor of TerraMaster in Greece

With great pleasure, Alfanet announces to the Greek market its new exclusive partnership with TerraMaster!

Alfanet is the exclusive representative and distributor of the 3MK company in Greece!

Alfanet is expanding into a new product category. The one of computer and mobile phone screen protection, bringing to Greece one of the largest companies in the sector in the global market. 3Mk!

Alfanet took over the distribution of PNY products in Greece!

PNY's Premium lines of technology products are now available on Alfanet. Now you can get from our company NVIDIA graphics cards, SSD disks, but also USB Flash Drives with the PNY manufacturing guarantee.

Secure storage erasure - When and why is it necessary?

This article is aimed at businesses or organizations that want to ensure that data stored on their storage media cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties after it leaves their organization's control, and how to manage it.

What you need to know about managing your decommissioned IT equipment?

IT Asset Disposal is more than just keeping e-waste out of a landfill. ITAD is a way of managing discarded IT equipment with appropriate disposal methods and its process is vital to managing risks from IT products.

The Role of IT Companies in Achieving Green Computing

Green Computing or Green IT is the manufacture, use and disposal of IT equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. The central concept focuses on achieving sustainability, efficiency and environmental and human safety. Ηow can IT companies, through Green IT, limit the environmental problems they cause?

Refurbished IT Equipment - What should you consider before purchasing?

In recent years the market for Refurbished IT equipment is evolving and the available Refurbished products are growing by a large number of suppliers. This ...

Reuse and Recycling of IT Equipment

The Refurbished IT & telecommunications equipment industry relies on the reuse of retractable IT equipment. Although the equipment can be withdrawn, the components and materials that make it up, after passing an evaluation and control process, can be reused for further use.

Intel | What do the letters at the end of the processor model numbers mean?

It is known that Intel is one of the leading processors company. However, many people have certainly wondered what these "random" numbers and letters at the end of CPU model numbers mean?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) | What is it? What does it mean for the Refurbished equipment industry

In the communication channels of Alfanet, you will often see us saying that we are the only Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher in Greece. What does this mean for our company and the services we provide and why is it so important?

PC Equipment Grading System

Buying a Refurbished PC is the most economical solution with proven similar performance compared to new equipment of similar capacity. However among these products, there is a grading that is used as a quality standard in the computer industry. This distinction is in Grade A and Grade B.

How ALFANET is dealing with the threat of Coronavirus

Since the first reports of COVID-19, we’ve been working on plans for any scenario where the spread of the virus may impact our customers and ...
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