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Οθόνες 24" & 27"

For all computer users, from professionals and avid gamers, to those who use it for simple and everyday tasks, the screen is the asset that will bring out the computers’ characteristics and specs. A large monitor is always more relaxing in its use and has the ability to reproduce colours and high-definition images.

Alfanet is offering unique and unparalleled solutions in refurbished high-tech monitors and at the best price/quality ratio in the market. All our monitors are tested and refurbished to the highest standards and by applying a grading system, you can rest assure that you can find the monitor of your choice and budget. Moreover, you can find several popular models, either TFT or LED, from various brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Philips and Fujitsu.

The 24” monitors are ideal for viewing your content in sharp clarity and in every detail. With a 27” monitor, you gain more advantages, as your viewability is significantly improved and the way you work is surprisingly changed. All the 24 and 27 inch monitors that you’ll find in this category are ideal for both small and large businesses.

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