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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Disposal

The IT equipment disposal service is only available to businesses and not to individuals.

Alfanet's IT End-of-Life Disposal (ITAD) service supports any business that wants to dispose of IT equipment sustainably and extend the life of old and unwanted equipment. So even if your business is not already a customer of Alfanet you can contact us for the withdrawal of your equipment!

The devices we are able to withdraw are desktop and laptop computers, tablets, servers, network equipment, printers, and monitors.

We determine the value of the device based on its technical specifications and current market demand. Once the technical specifications and its functionality are evaluated, each device is subsequently checked for any aesthetic defects which, if present, lower the price of the equipment.

We take data protection very seriously. We use the best data wipe software, that of Blancco, to wipe each device's data during the refurbishment process. Also, if erasing the data is not enough and the company wishes to destroy it, we have specialized machines to destroy hard drives or even entire devices. As part of the process, we prepare a data deletion report for all devices that have undergone data deletion or destruction procedures, that certify that the procedures were performed correctly.

We come to your place and take care of the entire process. Our reliable partner will come to your location, pack your equipment, pick it up safely from your facilities and transport it to ours.

Your ΙΤ equipment, when it arrives at our facilities, is evaluated and classified accordingly as "discarded" or "for purchase". Its parts that do not have any commercial value are placed in the special bins of Recycling Devices SA for destruction. Purchased equipment is cleaned, remanufactured, repackaged for resale, and returned to the market.

When old devices are stored for any length of time, often unattended, they present a risk to data security. This risk can become greater when IT manager is not skilled in securely erasing data, or does not have access to certified erasure software. This can lead to errors in the process and the risk of data leakage.

Our business model is based on our customers getting the best possible value for their used IT equipment and our ability to remarket it. Therefore, any device that can be remanufactured gets a second life. If a device is beyond repair, we use it for spare parts to repair other devices. We always prefer reuse to recycling, so only devices that have suffered irreparable damage are recycled.

Equipment that can no longer be used is recycled by our trusted recycling partners. We only send our equipment to recycling facilities that operate in accordance with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE) Directive. However, we really prefer to reuse device parts where possible, using recycling as a last resort.


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