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How ALFANET is dealing with the threat of Coronavirus

Since the first reports of COVID-19, we’ve been working on plans for any scenario where the spread of the virus may impact our customers and colleagues. Led by our Policy Department, we’re closely monitoring the situation and following international health guidance and government advice - including the guidance issued by the World Health OrganisationNational Health Organisation and from the devolved nations.

Given our unique role in the IT business, this work is being overseen at the highest level within ALFANET. Our dedicated programme team are coordinating with the Greek government and the relevant authorities in all the countries that we support customers in. We’re working closely with our key contractors, partners and suppliers to ensure we continue to support our clients.

We’ve got well established business continuity and incident management plans and processes at ALFANET, and we’re committed to maintaining all our services to the best of our ability.

  1. Information for our business customers

We take our role of supporting all clients and our team very seriously, and we will update you if anything changes in our daily operations.

The lead times of configuration, testing and shipping equipment in our warehouse (including PCs, laptops, servers, storage and networking equipment) currently remain the same.

We are working hard to ensure this remains the case, in line with emerging policies and restrictions that are being put in place in each country. We have also issued enhanced procedures for governing sanitation, disinfection, and personal health and welfare practices at facility level.

Moreover, in case of total service disruption due to new governmental policies, we have prepared a fast-track service, on selected fast-selling assets, which is able to continue the support and supply despite of the circumstances.

  1. Supply chain

We have a global supply chain and we’re working closely with our suppliers to make sure we’re jointly prepared for any impact from the outbreak on our business.

Our procurement teams are monitoring over 500 critical suppliers, and most have activated their business continuity plans.

We’ve profiled our critical inventory and are actively working to maintain adequate stock levels to see us through this period of uncertainty.

  1. Our people

We’re asking our people to remain vigilant and to protect themselves through strict adherence to personal hygiene measures – washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.

We’ve asked colleagues performing roles that aren’t critical to the operation of vital infrastructure or services to work from home. We’ve also placed restrictions on international and domestic Greek travel, and postponed or cancelled all but critical external and internal events hosted by ALFANET.

We have increased cleaning services in our buildings, with a particular focus on those with large numbers of employees or high footfall.

We’ll continue to follow the advice and guidance of the Government and National Health Organisation and adjust our policies accordingly.

  1. Visiting ALFANET sites

We are restricting visitors to ALFANET sites to those who are critical to our continued business. If possible, all meetings should be managed remotely.

If you’re invited to a ALFANET site we’ll need you to confirm the following information, consistent with the advice provided by EODY to your host prior to your arrival:

If you respond ‘yes’ to any of these statements we will politely request that you avoid visiting the site in order to protect other visitors and colleagues. Further government and advice is available at

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to thank our colleagues who are all continuing to serve our customers and suppliers well.

If there are any additional ways we can support you, please let us know

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